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39,000 SQFT

SECO played a pivotal role in the completion of the Kemin Protein Dryer Facility in Verona, MO. Our team undertook the plumbing, piping, ductwork, and HVAC installations for the project.

On the airside, SECO installed an array of equipment, featuring 9 rooftop units, 3 air-handling units, 3 make-up air units, an energy recovery ventilator, and numerous condensing units. The piping scope of work included two air-cooled chillers, a glycol pump skid, a boiler, and multiple condensate return stations. The plumbing segment was equally intricate, encompassing a booster pump, air compressor, dryer, and floor heat system. Leveraging our advanced fabrication capabilities, SECO prefabricated several components, including an exterior pipe trestle accommodating multiple trades.

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